Our veterinarians and staff are dedicated to deliver the highest quality customer and pet service. Please call 906-482-1771 to make an appointment. We welcome your inquiries and will be happy to serve you soon.



The Veterinarians

  • Dr. Rebecca Vollrath, DVM
  • Dr. Julia Parker, DVM

Licensed Vet Techs

  • Serena Peskie, CVT

Business Staff

  • Tara Raffaelli, Practice Mgr

Patient Care Team

  • Katri Dompier
  • Angel Ovist
  • Kat Manderfield
  • Larisa Applegate
  • Alysa Balcom


  • Michelle Stromer
  • Hope Haaland
  • Chelsea Koski
  • Michelle Mace
  • Shelie Imbrunnone
  • Alysa Balcom

Kennel Technicians

  • Kat Manderfield – Supervisor
  • Michael Verbeke
  • Allison Roberts
  • Katri Dompier
  • Grace Hoskins
  • Alysa Balcom