100% of clients would refer friends and family to us.

Lee & Debim
“I have been bringing my pets to CCVC for 20 years now, and prefer it over the other smaller, cheaper clinics. They would probably be cheaper, but I prefer the staff at CCVC and trust them with the excellent care of my beloved furry family. Right now, Pyewacket Fourthumbs (or Pye, for short) is sulking about and is a little skittish, but otherwise, she is eating and drinking and using the litterbox. It is to be expected after a spay (and have had *all* my pets spayed and neutered at CCVC, including the houserabbits!). She doesn’t seem to be in much pain, but she has taken to hiding more for naps. The incision site looks great and she’s not chewing at the stitches at this time. And she’s just found the catnip box, so all must be well.”
– Steve & Vickis
“Always very helpful and prompt – great vets!”
– Grace & Robert
“Great service from a experienced group of individuals.”
– Neil & Susan
“Fast appointment scheduling. Good treatment. Dog was not stressed.”
– Amyt
“Dr Barnhardt is so caring and thorough. She always takes time to explain everything to me.”
– Mike & Kristen
“Friendly and knowledgable staff able to handle my two dogs at one time even when one of them demonstrates some fearful behaviors!”